Secure Upload and Access to Your Tax Documents (using SmartVault)

Click the link "Go to SmartVault" below to upload your documents or view documents we have uploaded to you.*

Your Tax Documents - Once logged into SmartVault, go to the tax year you want. You will find the following folders within each tax year:

Uploads - Once logged into SmartVault*, find the relevant tax year and open the "My Uploads" folder. Drag and drop (or browse/select) the documents you want to upload into the "My Uploads" folder for that year. Just like with the Windows File Explorer, when your document appears in the "My Uploads" folder, that is your confirmation that it uploaded successfully. If you have any upload notes (i.e. got married, had a child, purchased/sold a house, etc.), please put them in a Word document and upload them, or send them to us via email.

Documents we send you – If we need to send you a document (other than your tax return), we will place those documents in the “From my CPA” folder in SmartVault.
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