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IRS Account (Yours)

It is a very good idea for you to have direct access to your IRS information. Because of budget cuts and the pandemic, it is almost impossible to get through to a live person at the IRS for information. Having this access lets you check on your refund, what income and investment information the IRS has received on your behalf from employers and banks, and any outstanding balance.

Most of the time, account set up can be accomplished online in one session, although sometimes the IRS has its wires crossed and you’ll need to wait for an access code in the USPS mail.

If you file a joint tax return, you want a separate account for each of you.

If you have already setup an account, note that the IRS has changed their sign-on process and you will be required to setup a new username and password by the summer of 2022.

More information on how to set up your account with the IRS can be found here:
Your Tax Account | Internal Revenue Service (

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