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IRS Privacy requirement

New privacy laws were established by the IRS effective January 1, 2009. We are prohibited from providing confidential information or copies to anyone other than you without your specific, written authorization. Please expect to provide that written authorization before we can release any of your confidential information to a third party, including copies of your tax returns, W-2s, 1099s, etc.

An alternative is for us to send any information you might need for a third party to you and you forward it to the third party. We will always password protect any confidential information we send to you via email using the password you gave us on your Engagement Letter, so you will need to provide the password to the third party when you forward it on.

Here is a link to the form that we must have executed before we can send any of your tax information directly to a third party. (fax copy or scan/email is fine): 7216 Disclosure.pdf

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