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Electronic Filing (efiling)

We are mandated by law to file all personal and corporate tax returns electronically (efile) unless you specifically ask us to not file electronically. Efiling is a good thing - it keeps you from having to make the trip to the post office to send it certified mail and yet still ensures that the IRS receives the return timely and with proof of receipt.

If you are receiving a refund, efiling will get that refund into your bank account much more quickly - generally 10-15 days from the date of efiling vs. 60 - 120 days for a manually filed return.

If you owe tax for the year, we can still efile your return early and schedule the tax payment to come directly out of your bank account on April 18, 2023 - you just need to be sure the funds are in the bank account by that date.

After we complete your tax return(s), we mail a hardcopy package to you (unless you opt out) and we place a softcopy of same into SmartVault for you. Your completed package will contain a copy of the tax return, all your original documents, the billing & return envelope, and a Form 8879. The Form 8879 requires your signature(s) and is how you "sign" a tax return that is to be efiled. You return the signed/dated Form 8879 to us via mail or upload after you have reviewed your tax return for accuracy and completeness. Once we receive the Form 8879 back, we efile your tax return. We cannot efile your tax return without having the executed Form 8879 in hand (on a joint return, both parties must have signed/dated the Form 8879). We usually receive a confirmation from the IRS the next day confirming receipt.

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